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Teeth Whitening

At Serenity we understand teeth whitening is now as popular as having your nails done or hair coloured. That's why we specialise in the most advanced, quick and affordable methods to make sure you leave with a new bright white smile!

We stock the famous Meagwhite branded 'blue fusion' teeth whitening products. Megawhite holds a World Wide exclusive formula which is awaiting the Guiness Book of World Records entry for the quickest teeth whitening product on the market!

Instant Results (Up to 15 Shades Lighter)

Safe & Effective 

‚ÄčNon Peroxide Formula

100% Pain Free

‚ÄčNo Structure or Enamel Damage

Please Note:

No dental advice or assistance can be given to customers purchasing this product. This product is cosmetic and self administered.

Customers need to be at least 18 years of age in order to purchase this product.

We do not recommend teeth whitening products for woman who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Teeth Whitening Prices

For Best Results: Wear the gel tray using the salon's high powered LED lamp. 

Aftercare Advice: During the first 12 hours do not consume products that may stain the tooth surface, such as coloured drinks, artificial food colours, cigarettes or acidic fruits.

Warning & Precautions: Possible side effects include inflammation, burning or bruising of the gum, white patchiness of the tooth surface.  All side effects are temporary and not permanent.  Results vary from person to person. 




Classic 20 mins £55.00